A handyman service that works for you.


Eastern suburbs handyman, Adelaide SA

Reliable handyman services for busy people in Adelaide’s inner eastern and southern suburbs.


How I can save you time:


⇒   DOOR REPAIRS   …  doors that won’t close?  … handles or latches that need replacing? – most are normally fixable within an hour or two for years of trouble-free operation.

⇒   TO-DO LISTS   do you have a big list of small jobs that you just never seem to get around to? How would you like them all done TODAY? – by the hour, half-day or full-day.

  WALL MOUNTING  …  TVs, artworks, dryers, bathroom fittings, shelves, curtain tracks, clothes lines, wall-mounted hose reels, letterboxes – quickly mount to any wall surface to free up space in your home.

  RECYCLING PICKUP  … cans, bottles, containers, paper, cartons, scrap metal, car batteries, some plastics – all of these can be easily transported to the nearest recycling centre.


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